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Freund Elektronika has its own development department and Technological Innovation Center in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Beside of our strong core development team we have currently strong network of contracted consultants in South and Eastern Europe.

Freund Elektronika will grant high service quality and competitive prices in the electronics development industry.

More precisely, we have access to over 50 highly qualified developers, in technology areas like Real Time Systems, Embedded SW & HW, FPGA, LabView, Linux, iOS & Android, as well as backend solutions.

Our goal is to maintain highest quality level for development as well as to reduce costs for our customers. Projects are defined and managed by our best developers and carried out in Eastern Europe.
By moving your development and production into areas with lower resource costs, managed and coordinated by specialists from Freund Elektronika, it means that we still maintain high quality and offer our customers security and highly competitive prices.

We can relieve you and your project team with partial or full project responsibility.

Our project agreements are a way for you to outsource a component of a development project. We take on the section you assign to us and return a fully functional product.

Our management will work with yours to make sure that our solution integrates with your other development programs



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